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Page 4 (The Director)
Page 4 (The Director)

I had not seen the hole because it had been covered. Was it a trap for me? no, this was a preposterous notion, no one even knew that I left the city, at least no one I knew. And the fact was I had never taken this particular path through the forest before.
My mind recalled that I had chosen this path because my usual path had been disturbed. A felled tree had obscured the route. It would have taken me a few moments to navigate the various range of branches and so I had decided upon a new path. It had pleased me to be momentarily spontaneous. A quiet inner voice had warned me against such a decision to deviate from my chosen route, but I ignored it. I thought about a cinema that played a never ending film about reality and a person at the edge of the screen pointing to a space off-screen. That was where the truth was I thought.