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Page 9 (The Director)
Page 9 (The Director)

The key turned with little effort, the lock clicked. I opened the door, it swung inward, slamming against something inside, the disturbance reverberated amongst the dark opulent surroundings. My nimble body shot through the opening made and at once I slammed the door too and with autonomy locked myself in. Within moments heavy footsteps beat their way up the staircase towards my hiding, their violence, focused.
I stood among the jumble of the cold room, filled from floor to ceiling with boxes upon boxes, some spilling out onto the floor, the contents, images one should never see, never picture, never mind.
My eyes darted across the space, had I been tricked, there was not a staircase.
Heavy shoes stormed up to the door, terrifying bangs pounded the door, machine like, unreasoning.