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Page 10 (The Director)
Page 10 (The Director)

My eyes darted across the space, had I been tricked, there was not a staircase.
Heavy shoes stormed up to the door, terrifying bangs pounded the door, machine like, unreasoning.
In front and to the side of me were more towers of containers, I panicked, I pushed against those at my face. Some of the boxes toppled, a tower fell away revealing a staircase behind. The pounding of the door ceased. Then in a hairs breath the corner of an axe head split through the wooden panels of the door.
My heart held a beat, my body launched over the rest of the boxes, I tumbled down a staircase, the light of the store room disappeared as I fell, the hardest parts of me, shins, ankles, elbows, knees all took their turn to be struck by the hard stairs that aided my cruel escape.